Have you ever hopped in a car, started driving, and arrived to your destination of choice without a map, a plan, or a clue of what you were looking for? Well, if you have made it to the place you intended to go without any direction, lucky for you; however, for most of us there needs to be some kind of plan or formal direction.

The process and journey of weight loss is not unfamiliar to most of us. In my opinion, the issue with achieving weight loss is we don’t follow the proper road maps and signs that are already in front of us; we don’t gage how far we would like to go and how long based on our personal “speed limit” it will take us to arrive at that goal.  What I feel the biggest issue is when it comes to weight loss is SOMETIMES WE JUST REFUSE TO GET IN THE CAR IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!

I would say that is what I am most guilty of. As I look back on my 29 years in this world I have been exposed to probably every exercise tape you can watch, played every low and high impact sport you can play, and hopped on every cardio machine invented to date. So for me it’s not about knowing what to do, having proper weight lifting form or coming up with a workout regime, it about APPLYING MYSELF!

I am hoping since I am making this experience open to world that you all hold me accountable to stick to it this time. I hope you would encourage me not just to get in my fitness vehicle, but to actually turn the key to the ignition, drive off into the sunset, and achieve my goals.

 I have to admit, I am super excited about this journey, but in another instance I am horrified because I will succeed or fail in everyone’s face [talk about pressure!]. Still I won’t let that stop me. In spite of all I have going on I will push myself like I never have before to make this happen, because it’s not just about me winning, but about all of us winning. I want you to see that anyone, no matter who they are, how busy they may be, or their body type, if you put your mind to it and want it bad enough…. ANYTHING AND I MEAN ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! So start up your engines and let’s GOOOOOOO!