Wendy Williams- Talk show Host

I know day 92 of a 99 day challenge countdown seems far off and like you are never going to get through it….WRONG!!! These 99 days will blow past quicker than you can say “How you doin? [Wendy Williams.]”

I can’t tell you how many times I have done a countdown weight loss challenge or contest thinking because I had ample time to get it done and that time was on my side; unfortunately, I’ve found out that time was not on my side like I had hoped. I have learned the hard way there are some things in life you just can’t waste time on or procrastinate. In order for me to get real measurable results I am going to have to put in a consorted effort daily with my exercise and eating habits.

 I am seven days into this challenge already and it seems like it has only been seven hours. It is a bit frustrating when you think of all the things that have to be considered when starting a weight loss plan like your diet, time management, exercise, your sleep, your internal noise, family, friends, finances… oh my!!! I am making myself nauseous just thinking about it all. If even just one of these factors is out of whack, it can cause the whole plan to fall apart.

I can’t stress how many times I have done similar weight loss challenges and I did not properly manage my time, did not get enough sleep, was not eating properly or had so much internal noise going on, I could not concentrate on the personal goal I set. Next thing you know, it’s back to McDonalds and bye bye gym!  

So as the clock goes tick tock on this challenge, so will my excuses, negative self-talk, bad eating habits, and poor workout regimen. It starts today at this moment, not tomorrow or the day after. Why should I bank on a future day or promise that is not guaranteed if I can start to implement lasting progress today?

So day 92… oh what shall I do??… Exactly what I set forth to do seven plus days ago! That is… Work! Work! Work!