I can remember the first time I popped in Shaun T’s Hip Hop Abs Workout DVD, and let’s just say…. it was a Hip Hop mess! LOL! I got up  and attempted to do just the warm up, took a break after 3 minutes, came back, sat on the couch, pressed play, and continued to watch while I ate chips and cookies!!!

I know you are thinking to yourself “This is terrible right?” I know there is no substitute for hard work, but I’d rather watch Shaun T do it!

Today I decided that I would turn that around and give it an honest go [I mean actually pop in the DVD to work out and not to eat! LOL] and surprisingly I made it through the whole workout. When I was done, I felt liberated, accomplished, and strong.  I can’t forget my poor burning abs and how it felt like a blow touch was placed on my stomach as it fried my body fat!

At the end of the Hip Hop Abs DVD, Shaun T says something like… “Come back and work out with us every day and anytime!” When I was done with the DVD I was feeling like I had just won a championship game, so I needed to have my moment!  I did not want to talk about next season already!!!

All jokes aside, I am ready and willing to embark on this weight loss journey. I am so happy that I have developed the proper outlet [this blog] to share my thoughts and concerns so that I can one day look back on this and say, “That used to be me, but not anymore!!” I am ready to STEP UP and STEP OUT! Now all you have to do is ask yourself the question… Are you ready to do the same?” If so, why don’t you join me!