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I say I am tired, my heart responds “So is your waistline! JUST DO IT!”

I say I am too stressed to deal with this workout plan. My heart responds, “If you think you are stressed now, just imagine how stressed you will be when you get that devastating doctor diagnosis! JUST DO IT!”

 I say I don’t have enough time to work out.  My heart responds, “But you had time to put that donut in your mouth! JUST DO IT!”

I say I have been down this road before and the exercise and dieting does not work!! My heart responds, “Dieting and exercise have never worked for you, because you have not worked hard enough at it! JUST DO IT!”

I say I have too much personal noise going on right now inside my head and in my life! My heart responds, “Turn down your personal noise and turn up volume on your personal health! JUST DO IT!”

I say I don’t have the finances to afford the whole healthy lifestyle change. My heart responds, “But you can’t afford to be fat either!! JUST DO IT!”

Enough said! Sorry everyone if you were hoping to get a happy feel good post today, but sometimes the message needs to be said in the voice it was intended to be heard. I just so happens that today’s voice is a direct and stern one.

So everybody let’s get out of our seats, get busy and “JUST DO IT!”