When Monica told me about 99 Days to Fine I was kind of floored.  I thought, this is BIG! It takes a lot of guts to say “I wanna get healthy” in a way the whole wide world can see.

As a friend, I can relate.  My weight has see-sawed between cutting out meat, then meat and fish, then diary.  By the time I was through with it all I lost 55 pounds.  And I was super cute on the outside.  But what has really made the difference over the years is what I’ve done to feel fine on the inside.

As a life coach, there’s something I want you, Monica or anyone else going through this process to remember.  It’s simple.  “What you do doesn’t matter.  What matters is why you do it.”

If this is about being fine in the eyes of some guy, going a dress size or some other way to get attention, I’ve got news for you.  Weight loss is not about getting attention.  It’s about paying attention to the most important person in your life – YOU.

Over the next 99 days, I’ll offer tips and affirmations to support your journey.

Tip #1:  Get a journal and write this affirmation down.

My body tells the story my mouth will not.