One word – Habit. Try these five tips to get RESULTS!

1.       Park awaaaaay from the building. Instead of cruising the parking lot for the spot closest to the door try parking away from the building.  Sure, it adds a little more time to your walk but you’re also getting exercise. 😉

2.       Cook on Sunday. Pick a day in the week to prepare all your meals at home and set aside portions for the rest of the week.

3.       Leave the plastic at home. Set a dining out budget for $50-$75 a week – in cash.  Once the cash runs out that’s it.

4.       Ditch movie-going. Scratch that.  Send your regrets for any get togethers that focus on grabbing a bite to eat.  What about a Wii-tourney?  A bike ride.  A little twister anyone?

5.       Drink water. No, not Vitamin Water or Crystal Light my friends.  We’re talking about the real thing.  Nine times out of 10, those hunger pangs you get are for good ole agua.

Affirmation:  I deserve the time it takes to take care of myself.  This is my time.