This is me!!!

Ty Stone Director of Bus. Services Sinclair CC

Hello, my name is Ty Stone. I lost 50 pounds in about 6 months., I have had a number of people ask me what the “secret” formula to my weight loss success has been. There are no gimmicks here. I always tell them, the “secret” is not sexy. There is no grapefruit, cabbage, or large quantities of bacon in my approach. What I have implemented has been a true lifestyle change; one that I have embraced as I continue on this path to healthy living. Yes, I will admit–I started out on this journey on a gimmick diet approach—the all protein diet. However, I immediately decided that if I wanted to see prolonged results, I had to become healthy….PERIOD!  I decided that if I ate healthy foods, the weight would have to come off. You know what? I was right!

I started my job as the Director of Business Services for Sinclair Community College in February 2010. One of the areas that I am responsible for is food service. However, I knew nothing of the industry. As I started to research the food industry, I became alarmed at how our food is processed; what goes into our foods; and the impact of these things. I immediately became an advocate for more healthy eating. You know what they say: Once you know better, you do better. How could I continue to feed my family and myself the unhealthy foods we had grown accustomed to?

As a result of changing my eating habits, the weight peeled off (well, it wasn’t as easy as that, but it did come off rather quickly). For me, I believe that diet makes a difference between losing weight and keeping it off, and just losing weight. Believe me, I have tried diet after diet and have always gained the weight RIGHT back…and then some! This time, I have maintained my weight.

I have become an “evangelist” for healthy eating. I love the way I look, but more importantly, I love the way I feel. Though I am not an “expert” on nutrition, I have lots of information to share regarding healthy eating. Stay tuned for updates!

Here’s to good health!!!

Ty Stone