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So I have been doing this “fitness thing” for about a month and a half now. I’m amazed how much it has changed me both inside and out.

I’ve never been one to be concerned about my water weight or percent of body fat as it relates to my overall health and targeted body weight.

I’ve never really cared about portions or eating on a clock to maximize my metabolism. I also never cared about reaching a targeted heart rate to improve my cardiovascular performance on a treadmill; however, as of lately, I am consumed with it!

Don’t get me wrong I am not consumed in a bad way, but it’s the most attention I have ever paid myself. It’s something about caring about you and your value that drives up your “personal stock.”

I am not a rookie at this weight lost game. Let’s just say I have rolled the dieting dice several times and have crapped out!  I’ve tried fad diets, starving myself, I’ve even pressured myself to lose weight to show some “guy,” that apparently did not give a damn in the first place, just how hot I could be.

All I have to say is “WOMP WOMP WOMMMMMPPPP!” None of those feeble attempts ever worked for me over the years. Through recent revelations and personal reflections, I’ve been able to identify why I continued to embark on a bunch of bogus missions.

 I have learned when you want something bad, no matter what it is; however, it’s for all the wrong reasons, it just does not work out. I believe it’s because your heart is not truly in it to win it.

Keep in mind who is the star player in this weight loss journey. There is only one coach I have to impress, only one team I will ever have to play for, and only one fan I need to cheer me on! ME! ME! ME!

If I could share any word of advice about my personal revelation and inward reflections, I would ask you to please consider these thoughts:

Everything you put in your body reflects YOU!

Everything you allow your mind to think and your tongue to speak reflects YOU!

The person you date or choose to marry reflects YOU!

The company that you keep around reflects guess who??… YOU! YOU! YOU!

You have to decide if you are going to smile back at your reflection when you see it or slap it silly to shake some sense into it!  The great thing about having personal reflections is if you have read this and feel like you want to slap the ish out of what you see, you have an opportunity to change the lenses you look at yourself with.

Remember your body is a temple and when its structure is tested, it will either remain sturdy and erect, or it will crumble at the foundation and fall apart! The choice is up to YOU! Just thought I would share my personal revelations with you. No pressure [wink]


Bob Barker Host of the Price is Right

So today I cheated on my diet worse than an adulterer on their spouse! I had some nice, greasy, artery clogging, pizza that had enough grease to lotion my body and wax my car!

Oh yeah, but that is not all that I did…… I had a cinnamon roll too [oohhhh weeeee oh yeah!] I enjoyed every bite of the sweet bread and sugar rushing down the side of my cheek leaving powdered sugar marks on my skin as evidence of my diet malpractice! LOL!

But you know what? The price was right, just like Bob Barkers old TV game show, The Price is Right, I bid for those calories I consumed and decided to “live a little.” Yes, the comfort food was titillating and satisfying to my taste buds; however, I must pay back those calories in the form of cardio and crunches [Aweee Damn!] 

For the first time, in a long time, I did not feel guilty either. I enjoyed my calories, kicked up my paws, and watched a movie to top the evening off. I am not one who takes many ME time breaks so this was huge for me!

On another note, I am so grateful to have gained such a strong willpower towards leading a healthier lifestyle that I don’t typically stray from the plan. However, since this journey is a paced jog and not a sprint, let’s just say I pulled over to the side during my jog and took a little break! Starting first thing in the morning I am back at the races. LOL!

 In closing, I would like to remind everyone again about Bob Barkers The Price is Right show and the object of the game.  The object is to guess the value of an item and get as close as possible to its retail value without going over. The Price is Right game show is much like the game of weight loss.  You have to give yourself leeway from time to time, but be sure not to go overbid on your calories, because if you do you lose the game against the battle of the bulge!

So next time you pick up that donut or eat those succulent seconds… ask yourself am I over bidding on this meal?? Or is the price right?? In the game show of healthy living, you have to stand up and become your own Host Bob Barker and reveal to yourself if the price is right. Remember that YOU are in charge of your OWN weight loss destiny so bid carefully!!!!

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So I am 1/3 of the way done with my fitness challenge. I am so grateful to all who have followed and supported me thus far during this journey. I just want to say that “stuff is starting to get real.” The pounds are not melting off me like they were at first, the lazy bug tries to bite me time and time again and tell me, “well.. it’s only one day you would be missing… what’s the big deal?” and emotions are running high because I want this so bad! I remember peeling off day 67 and looking at day 66 on my countdown calendar and laughing hysterically as it stated, “Day 66.. I know you are tempted, but put the fried food DOWN!” Who would have ever thought, a calendar and a challenge I started a little over a month ago could get the high pep back into my step with this challenge. Check out this video recapping the first 1/3 of my fit challenge. 1/3 down, 2/3 more to go! Stick with me yall!

What Tim Ferris Taught Me

If you haven’t read Tim Ferris’ 4-hour Work Week you should.  Why?  He has the life you want.  The life you’re willing to multi-task and over-schedule and work all night for in hopes of “making it”.

Tim Ferris teaches us how to live the life you love by reminding us of one thing.  Do what you love to do and get help to do the rest.  He’s made gazillions of dollars from it.

(If you’re active parent reading this and laughing – go nuts!  As for everyone else, what’s your excuse?)

The irony of it all is so many people claim they’re hungry to “make it” but they’re only willing to go a drive-thru to fuel their dreams.  How does a diet of addictive salt, sugar or heavy carbs help?

Maybe it’s time we shift from a fast food model of success to a Mary Oliver inspired journey.  Consider her words:

“One day you finally knew what you had to do, and began…”

Today’s affirmation:  Weight loss is about waiting less.

PS – Tim has a new book called the 4-hour Body.  Let me know what you think.

Watch as Monica Magnificent McGee [Me!] works it out with her friends at Premiere Fitness Zumba style, to shed away some of those unwanted pounds and get hot for the summer! Get movin, groovin and of course losin [lbs that is!].

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Monica Magnificent McGee shares her recap of her weight loss journey so far and encourages others who may be struggling or feeling like they want to quit to put some pep in there step and keep pushing! She states “Aint nuffin to it but to do it! You can do it too! …. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it!”