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So I am 1/3 of the way done with my fitness challenge. I am so grateful to all who have followed and supported me thus far during this journey. I just want to say that “stuff is starting to get real.” The pounds are not melting off me like they were at first, the lazy bug tries to bite me time and time again and tell me, “well.. it’s only one day you would be missing… what’s the big deal?” and emotions are running high because I want this so bad! I remember peeling off day 67 and looking at day 66 on my countdown calendar and laughing hysterically as it stated, “Day 66.. I know you are tempted, but put the fried food DOWN!” Who would have ever thought, a calendar and a challenge I started a little over a month ago could get the high pep back into my step with this challenge. Check out this video recapping the first 1/3 of my fit challenge. 1/3 down, 2/3 more to go! Stick with me yall!


This is ME!!!


This is me!!!

Ty Stone Director of Bus. Services Sinclair CC

Hello, my name is Ty Stone. I lost 50 pounds in about 6 months., I have had a number of people ask me what the “secret” formula to my weight loss success has been. There are no gimmicks here. I always tell them, the “secret” is not sexy. There is no grapefruit, cabbage, or large quantities of bacon in my approach. What I have implemented has been a true lifestyle change; one that I have embraced as I continue on this path to healthy living. Yes, I will admit–I started out on this journey on a gimmick diet approach—the all protein diet. However, I immediately decided that if I wanted to see prolonged results, I had to become healthy….PERIOD!  I decided that if I ate healthy foods, the weight would have to come off. You know what? I was right!

I started my job as the Director of Business Services for Sinclair Community College in February 2010. One of the areas that I am responsible for is food service. However, I knew nothing of the industry. As I started to research the food industry, I became alarmed at how our food is processed; what goes into our foods; and the impact of these things. I immediately became an advocate for more healthy eating. You know what they say: Once you know better, you do better. How could I continue to feed my family and myself the unhealthy foods we had grown accustomed to?

As a result of changing my eating habits, the weight peeled off (well, it wasn’t as easy as that, but it did come off rather quickly). For me, I believe that diet makes a difference between losing weight and keeping it off, and just losing weight. Believe me, I have tried diet after diet and have always gained the weight RIGHT back…and then some! This time, I have maintained my weight.

I have become an “evangelist” for healthy eating. I love the way I look, but more importantly, I love the way I feel. Though I am not an “expert” on nutrition, I have lots of information to share regarding healthy eating. Stay tuned for updates!

Here’s to good health!!!

Ty Stone

What did we do before iPhones, Nanos and MP3 players?  I know I can’t hit the gym without some high energy tracks.  Here are 20 tunes to help me run, lunge, punch or get those squats in.

1.       Gwen Stefani – “Hollaback Girl”


2.       C & C Music Factory – “Gonna Make You Sweat”

3.       Black Sheep – “The Choice Is Yours.”  Pick it up, pick it up, PICK IT UP!

4.       India.Arie – “Get It Together”. 

5.       Maroon 5 – “Harder to Breath”

6.       K-OS  – “Superstar”  Ooh I love this girl.  She’s a superstarrrr!

7.       Kelis – “Milkshake”.

8.       Michael Jackson – “Wanna Be Startin Somethin”.  Buh buh buuh buh bup!

9.       Queen ft. David Bowie – “Under Pressure”

10.     Journey – “Don’t Stop Believing”

11.     Madonna – “Express Yourself” – Don’t go for second best baby.  Put your love to the test!

12.     Crystal Waters – “Making Happy”

13.     Michael Jackson – “Don’t Stop Til Yuh Get Enough”

14.     Lil Louis – “I’m Hot for You” (Any kind of house music works really.)

15.     Katy Perry – “Firework”

16.     Bjork – “Enjoy”.  Ok this classic Euro-trance track is a little different but worth a listen.

17.     Lady Gaga – “Just Dance!”

18.     Blondie – “Step into Our World”

19.     Shakira- “Hips Dont Lie” (You’re right about that!)

20.    Outkast – “Hey Ya”  Shake it like a Polaroid picture!