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Monica Magnificent McGee shares her recap of her weight loss journey so far and encourages others who may be struggling or feeling like they want to quit to put some pep in there step and keep pushing! She states “Aint nuffin to it but to do it! You can do it too! …. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it!”


Today I decided to be naked. I did not want any clothes; I just wanted to look at myself exactly how I was. I stared at myself for hours in my full length mirrors plastered on every wall, contorting my body in every angle possible.

I forced myself to look at every bump, scar, roll, blemish and every other imperfection, while I fixated my face in every frowning position I could think of. I complained that my body is not like it used to be, how far I let myself go, and I even complained about not losing weight fast enough to achieve my fitness goals. I started to think about every sprint I chose to walk or jog instead, every calorie past my daily intake I indulged in that I should have passed up, and every failed diet or weight loss attempt aborted.

Then it all came to me, that I was bigger than all of this. I was even better than what I could have even imagined. As I continued to gaze into the mirror scrutinizing all my imperfections, I begin to see a woman who has lived a full life and may have gained some scars and weight along the way, but is here to fight her way towards achieving her personal and fitness goals. As for all my failed diets, setbacks and flashbacks of a thinner me, those days are history! There is no  need to dwell on a past I can’t change.

 As I continued to stand there naked as the day I was born, gazing into those same mirrors, I realized that it was not my outside that needed the major improvements, but it was the naked emptiness inside of me that needed to be addressed. I can always find a great girdle for my gut, concealer to cover up blemishes on my face, and wear dark colors to camouflage my size, but there are no quick fixes and masks for what’s going on internally.

Once again, I forced myself to look at myself naked and say at least three things I loved about me, right now, without any additional changes. I owed it to myself to pay myself a compliment. I owed it to the mirror that I stood in front of for hours to obliterate the negative energy that I had cast onto it.

I said to myself, “You have some hot legs Missy! I am starting to see that waistline coming in… and oh!! You have the prettiest eyes and smile, just breathtaking! You Go Girl!” After that, a single tear dripped from my right eye, and from that moment on, I realized that I had crossed over the point of no return. I had  defeated my biggest enemy, which was myself.

 I am no longer ashamed of who I am or where I am in life, because I am a work in progress committed to change. I will no longer apologize for being bold, because my heart bleeds for the need to express myself and make my mark in this world. I can love me fully, because I accept me for who I am today; although, I am working on a better me for tomorrow.

Just to think, I figured this all out today, just because I decided to be naked. I encourage everyone to get naked with your thoughts, emotions, and motives for embarking on this journey. You may not like what you are looking at initially, but the beautiful you lies within and is waiting to pop out! So what are you waiting for??? Find your mirror and GET NAKED!

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The only thing worse than trying something new, is trying something new alone. I knew going into this weight loss journey that it would not be easy; however, I know how fulfilling the journey will be if I just stay disciplined long enough to see my returns.

I am fortunate that I have some amazing girlfriends in my life that have my back. I know some of the most selfless women who have taken the time out to help me achieve my fitness goals and work out with me.  

My girlfriends and I have done everything from walking five miles with dogs at the park, to taking group  bootcamp exercise classes together, creating cardio dance routines in my living room, to doing home DVD fitness workouts. I am so grateful for my girlfriends, because there have been some days when I have just wanted to quit and throw in the towel, but I recieved an encouraging Facebook message, text, email or phone call telling me to keep going and how proud they are of me totally shifted my mood.


I even had one of my girlfriends walk up to me at the end of a group bootcamp workout session and encouraged me to take a Zumba class with her at a local gym. I thought that was so awesome that she thought enough to include me. My girlfriends always tell me how much I inspire them to push towards their own personal goals and how proud they are of me.

So today I want to say thank you to every girlfriend out there who has ever given me a tip to better myself, a hug when I was down, an ear when I needed someone to talk to, or pushed me to keep going when I wanted to stop and complain about all the pain I was in. Most importantly girlfriends, thank you for loving me just as I am, flaws and all!!! [But hey….that’s what girlfriends are for right?]

I encourage you to call your girlfriends today and let them know how much you appreciate them for all that they do for you. From achieving a fitness goal to finding a fab pair boots, your girlfriends will be there for you like no other, because girlfriend’s rokk and so do you!

Monica "Magnificent" McGee and Brittny McGraw

I had my first taste of the Insanity DVD, and let’s just say this short clip says it all. I hope you are entertained, inspired, and maybe even touched. I know this is one of the blog entries that I will come back to time and time again and reflect back on my progress. It is amazing what one can do when they are committed to the process. I want to thank one of my very special best friends Brittny McGraw for working out with me and not leaving me to try out this Insanity DVD alone. I have a wonderful support system and I am so glad she pushed me to keep trying every time I wanted to give up and quit. That’s what friends are for right? To push you along the way when you need a little encouragement!! Britt, you mean the world to me! Thank you!

As a change of fitness pace, I have started to do this dance/ workout craze that is sweeping the nation and toning up tails all across the globe. This craze, better known as Zumba Fitness, has motivated me immensely to get my tail into gear and keep my body moving.

 I’ve had this particular Zumba DVD collecting dust in my workout DVD collection for over a year without ever playing it all the way through, much like all my other health and fitness DVD’s I own. It makes no sense to have a set of wonderful tools in the toolbox [health and fitness equipment] and never open it to fix up anything.

If there is a trendy fitness DVD or type of exercise out, you name it, and I have it!  From Hip Hop Abs, to the Pussy Cats Dolls Workout, Belly dancing, Insanity, Billy Blanks Bootcamp, to 10 minute yoga and more! I have yet to take advantage of any of these wonderful tools so there is no wonder why I have yet to achieve my fitness goals.

 I have all the home equipment like the Pilates ball, Pilates bands, free weights, jump rope, abs machine, thigh master, stepping platform and resistance bands just to name a few. I have to keep telling myself it’s time to cash in on my investment. My workout tools and accessories are to be used for fitness and not to be collected like antiques!!

So Zumba it is! Now watch me work! I am having a blast and shedding pounds at the same time!!! No more closing the lid on my fitness toolbox!

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NO EXCUSES!!!! NO EXCUSES!!! NO EXCUSES!!! I will look back at this clip as many times as it takes to motivate myself about staying on the path to my goals no matter how hard, because this lady worked me out on HER birthday, I repeat HER birthday. I guess she loves me just that much!

You Have to Sweat Before You Can Strut! Day 87

If ANYONE happens to doubt my commitment to this process of change.. you are sadly mistaken!!! Check out this demo the amazing Yvette DIVA Williams did with me on HER birthday right before our 2 hour Zumba class! She always tells me “You have to sweat before you can strut,” [birthdays included] and sweat is exactly what we did! Check this clip out!


Maannnn, that old saying “No Pain No Gain” holds more truth in my life than ever before! The journey towards weight loss is not an easy one; however, it will definitely be one worth traveling! My Weigh in Wednesday Results are in! Check out this video to see how much I have loss in just 9 short days of starting my program! The time is ticking so I have to keep the weight dropping! 🙂 See you all in 89 more days as the new more fabulous me! Smootches xoxoxox!

This is ME!!!


This is me!!!

Ty Stone Director of Bus. Services Sinclair CC

Hello, my name is Ty Stone. I lost 50 pounds in about 6 months., I have had a number of people ask me what the “secret” formula to my weight loss success has been. There are no gimmicks here. I always tell them, the “secret” is not sexy. There is no grapefruit, cabbage, or large quantities of bacon in my approach. What I have implemented has been a true lifestyle change; one that I have embraced as I continue on this path to healthy living. Yes, I will admit–I started out on this journey on a gimmick diet approach—the all protein diet. However, I immediately decided that if I wanted to see prolonged results, I had to become healthy….PERIOD!  I decided that if I ate healthy foods, the weight would have to come off. You know what? I was right!

I started my job as the Director of Business Services for Sinclair Community College in February 2010. One of the areas that I am responsible for is food service. However, I knew nothing of the industry. As I started to research the food industry, I became alarmed at how our food is processed; what goes into our foods; and the impact of these things. I immediately became an advocate for more healthy eating. You know what they say: Once you know better, you do better. How could I continue to feed my family and myself the unhealthy foods we had grown accustomed to?

As a result of changing my eating habits, the weight peeled off (well, it wasn’t as easy as that, but it did come off rather quickly). For me, I believe that diet makes a difference between losing weight and keeping it off, and just losing weight. Believe me, I have tried diet after diet and have always gained the weight RIGHT back…and then some! This time, I have maintained my weight.

I have become an “evangelist” for healthy eating. I love the way I look, but more importantly, I love the way I feel. Though I am not an “expert” on nutrition, I have lots of information to share regarding healthy eating. Stay tuned for updates!

Here’s to good health!!!

Ty Stone

What did we do before iPhones, Nanos and MP3 players?  I know I can’t hit the gym without some high energy tracks.  Here are 20 tunes to help me run, lunge, punch or get those squats in.

1.       Gwen Stefani – “Hollaback Girl”


2.       C & C Music Factory – “Gonna Make You Sweat”

3.       Black Sheep – “The Choice Is Yours.”  Pick it up, pick it up, PICK IT UP!

4.       India.Arie – “Get It Together”. 

5.       Maroon 5 – “Harder to Breath”

6.       K-OS  – “Superstar”  Ooh I love this girl.  She’s a superstarrrr!

7.       Kelis – “Milkshake”.

8.       Michael Jackson – “Wanna Be Startin Somethin”.  Buh buh buuh buh bup!

9.       Queen ft. David Bowie – “Under Pressure”

10.     Journey – “Don’t Stop Believing”

11.     Madonna – “Express Yourself” – Don’t go for second best baby.  Put your love to the test!

12.     Crystal Waters – “Making Happy”

13.     Michael Jackson – “Don’t Stop Til Yuh Get Enough”

14.     Lil Louis – “I’m Hot for You” (Any kind of house music works really.)

15.     Katy Perry – “Firework”

16.     Bjork – “Enjoy”.  Ok this classic Euro-trance track is a little different but worth a listen.

17.     Lady Gaga – “Just Dance!”

18.     Blondie – “Step into Our World”

19.     Shakira- “Hips Dont Lie” (You’re right about that!)

20.    Outkast – “Hey Ya”  Shake it like a Polaroid picture!