So I have been doing this “fitness thing” for about a month and a half now. I’m amazed how much it has changed me both inside and out.

I’ve never been one to be concerned about my water weight or percent of body fat as it relates to my overall health and targeted body weight.

I’ve never really cared about portions or eating on a clock to maximize my metabolism. I also never cared about reaching a targeted heart rate to improve my cardiovascular performance on a treadmill; however, as of lately, I am consumed with it!

Don’t get me wrong I am not consumed in a bad way, but it’s the most attention I have ever paid myself. It’s something about caring about you and your value that drives up your “personal stock.”

I am not a rookie at this weight lost game. Let’s just say I have rolled the dieting dice several times and have crapped out!  I’ve tried fad diets, starving myself, I’ve even pressured myself to lose weight to show some “guy,” that apparently did not give a damn in the first place, just how hot I could be.

All I have to say is “WOMP WOMP WOMMMMMPPPP!” None of those feeble attempts ever worked for me over the years. Through recent revelations and personal reflections, I’ve been able to identify why I continued to embark on a bunch of bogus missions.

 I have learned when you want something bad, no matter what it is; however, it’s for all the wrong reasons, it just does not work out. I believe it’s because your heart is not truly in it to win it.

Keep in mind who is the star player in this weight loss journey. There is only one coach I have to impress, only one team I will ever have to play for, and only one fan I need to cheer me on! ME! ME! ME!

If I could share any word of advice about my personal revelation and inward reflections, I would ask you to please consider these thoughts:

Everything you put in your body reflects YOU!

Everything you allow your mind to think and your tongue to speak reflects YOU!

The person you date or choose to marry reflects YOU!

The company that you keep around reflects guess who??… YOU! YOU! YOU!

You have to decide if you are going to smile back at your reflection when you see it or slap it silly to shake some sense into it!  The great thing about having personal reflections is if you have read this and feel like you want to slap the ish out of what you see, you have an opportunity to change the lenses you look at yourself with.

Remember your body is a temple and when its structure is tested, it will either remain sturdy and erect, or it will crumble at the foundation and fall apart! The choice is up to YOU! Just thought I would share my personal revelations with you. No pressure [wink]