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If I had a dollar for every time I said I would change up my diet because my health was far more important than anything, I could have bought a brand spanking new car cash seven years ago.

If I had a dollar for every time I suddenly got a new motivation to workout, because some man broke my heart or I felt I had something to prove, I could have paid off my college tuition in five years.

If I had a dollar for every time I have given an in-kind donation to my local fitness center (meaning I pay, but never go) I could have paid off my churches “Building Fund” by myself in 3 years.

If I had a dollar for every excuse I tried to turn into a valid reason for not working out and actually convinced myself it was true, I would have enough money to meet my personal savings goal for a year.

If I had a dollar for every time I made a New Year’s resolution and by New Year’s Day, I had already broken that promise ….now we are talking millionaire status on this one! LOL!

If I had a dollar for every time I lost a few pounds and was on top of the world, but when the weight stop falling off like I anticipated… I QUIT!

Although the comparisons I used were exaggerated, my level of concern for identifying the signs of a poor and bankrupt state of mind when it comes to self-image is the furthest thing from BS!

Be encouraged; don’t treat fitness like a failed financial venture or a loss in the accounting books of life with no chance of restructuring, take it in stride as a learning curve experience and get back to it!

As long as the breath of life is breathed into your body, you have a chance to make a difference and make a return on your investment of yourself. Limit your frivolous spending on old excuses and poor reasons why you can’t do something and roll your action assets into your “401 Capable” and allow your fitness finances to flourish!

Lesson for the day… “Only YOU can lower the debt ceiling of doubt on your fitness failures and rise above them. It’s up to YOU to decide to invest in yourself and become rich in health and spirit. Be careful not to rob yourself by spending priceless time and dollars on doubting your determination to make it happen this time around!  YOU are going to speak forward progress and financial fitness gains as it relates to your health. You will be amazed what can happen when your fitness assets grow simply because you shifted your attitude towards action instead of making EXCUSES!

So what are you waiting for? Get started on investing in yourself today! Purchase the stock while it’s still hot!


 Just like anyone or anything that is out of practice, you have to step back up to the plate and naturally get “Back into the Swing of Things.” I am happy to share my stories of success and how over time I have surpassed my initial weight loss goals and am feeling better and more alive than what I could have ever dreamed. What is most interesting about my weight loss progress is it did not come in a day, a week, or a month. It even took more than 99 days to achieve, which was the initial length of time for the fitness challenge.

What I will share with you about the initial 99 days of my journey is it proved to me that I was ready for a change.  I would no longer do things off the cuff; I would make things happen by taking charge of my own fitness destiny, and would have a plan of action to see my goals through.

Another interesting thing that happened to me in those 99 days is I learned that it is truly was about the journey and the destination was just the driving force to get me started. There was not a day I stood in front of the mirror, gazing at my body in its naked state hoping to have this magical weight loss or shape change that happened sometime in between my midnight thoughts and dreams, but all I saw in the mirror most times was a woman who was determined to make it happen and no longer looked at the imperfections and marks on her body in shame, but in confidence that through disciplined acts and maintaining consistency that it would all be taken care of in due time.

What I will leave you with about my fitness journey, which remains true for me even to this day, is expect more than your body to be transformed. Embrace the mental, physical, and emotional changes that come along with weight loss, because weather you like it or not, they go hand and hand. Also note that if you chose not to elevate your mind and the way you think at some point, your fitness journey will only go but so far. As you start setting and reaching goals, you can’t help but be transformed and grow.

Know that weight loss is also a spiritual thing. You will begin to tap into parts of you, you were not even sure really existed until now. Most importantly, YOU HAVE TO LOVE YOU! The type of love I am talking about a man/woman can’t give to you, a preacher cant pray over you, your family and friends can’t shower you with… it is something that has to come from within. Self-love and motivation by far is the greatest worldly love of them all! You have to have it in order for the other types of love to fall into place.

So far, over the last nine months, I have come down 12.5 pants sizes, lost 35-40 lbs. of pure fat, increased my muscle content, cardio, and strength training resistance immensely; however, these stats are nothing compared to how I feel inside, as those numbers are off the charts!

I give full credit, honor, and praise to the #1 source of my strength and to whom all my blessings come from; that’s my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I have great friends, family members, online buddies and acquaintances that have cheered me on from the sideline, but when I was in spiritual, mental and financial warfare I know who has always been on the frontlines! Thank you so much for following me up to this point in my journey forward and onward. I hope you continue to roll on with me on this fantastic fitness ride with my new body, new swagger and new state of mind. Let us get “back into the swing of things” together!

With Love and a New Found Appreciation for Life,

Monica “Magnificent” McGee

Life is a Dance So Move!

If life truly is a dance, too many of us are plastered up against a wall and fear stepping out on the floor. Sometimes you have to just get out there, catch the rhythms of the life beat and don’t be afraid to move! Don’t miss out on your chance to advance simply because when life wanted to show you some new moves you were too afraid to dance. –Monica McGee-

Watch as Monica Magnificent McGee [Me!] works it out with her friends at Premiere Fitness Zumba style, to shed away some of those unwanted pounds and get hot for the summer! Get movin, groovin and of course losin [lbs that is!].


Maannnn, that old saying “No Pain No Gain” holds more truth in my life than ever before! The journey towards weight loss is not an easy one; however, it will definitely be one worth traveling! My Weigh in Wednesday Results are in! Check out this video to see how much I have loss in just 9 short days of starting my program! The time is ticking so I have to keep the weight dropping! 🙂 See you all in 89 more days as the new more fabulous me! Smootches xoxoxox!

This is ME!!!


This is me!!!

Ty Stone Director of Bus. Services Sinclair CC

Hello, my name is Ty Stone. I lost 50 pounds in about 6 months., I have had a number of people ask me what the “secret” formula to my weight loss success has been. There are no gimmicks here. I always tell them, the “secret” is not sexy. There is no grapefruit, cabbage, or large quantities of bacon in my approach. What I have implemented has been a true lifestyle change; one that I have embraced as I continue on this path to healthy living. Yes, I will admit–I started out on this journey on a gimmick diet approach—the all protein diet. However, I immediately decided that if I wanted to see prolonged results, I had to become healthy….PERIOD!  I decided that if I ate healthy foods, the weight would have to come off. You know what? I was right!

I started my job as the Director of Business Services for Sinclair Community College in February 2010. One of the areas that I am responsible for is food service. However, I knew nothing of the industry. As I started to research the food industry, I became alarmed at how our food is processed; what goes into our foods; and the impact of these things. I immediately became an advocate for more healthy eating. You know what they say: Once you know better, you do better. How could I continue to feed my family and myself the unhealthy foods we had grown accustomed to?

As a result of changing my eating habits, the weight peeled off (well, it wasn’t as easy as that, but it did come off rather quickly). For me, I believe that diet makes a difference between losing weight and keeping it off, and just losing weight. Believe me, I have tried diet after diet and have always gained the weight RIGHT back…and then some! This time, I have maintained my weight.

I have become an “evangelist” for healthy eating. I love the way I look, but more importantly, I love the way I feel. Though I am not an “expert” on nutrition, I have lots of information to share regarding healthy eating. Stay tuned for updates!

Here’s to good health!!!

Ty Stone

One word – Habit. Try these five tips to get RESULTS!

1.       Park awaaaaay from the building. Instead of cruising the parking lot for the spot closest to the door try parking away from the building.  Sure, it adds a little more time to your walk but you’re also getting exercise. 😉

2.       Cook on Sunday. Pick a day in the week to prepare all your meals at home and set aside portions for the rest of the week.

3.       Leave the plastic at home. Set a dining out budget for $50-$75 a week – in cash.  Once the cash runs out that’s it.

4.       Ditch movie-going. Scratch that.  Send your regrets for any get togethers that focus on grabbing a bite to eat.  What about a Wii-tourney?  A bike ride.  A little twister anyone?

5.       Drink water. No, not Vitamin Water or Crystal Light my friends.  We’re talking about the real thing.  Nine times out of 10, those hunger pangs you get are for good ole agua.

Affirmation:  I deserve the time it takes to take care of myself.  This is my time.

Hello World!

My name is Monica “Magnificent” McGee. I am a Strategic Marketing Analyst, a Television Personality for the All Things Marketing Show, and a Freelance Journalist for DaytonMostMetro.com in Dayton, OH. Although I am successful in my career endeavors, I desire to transfer that same passion I have for business into developing a vigorous lifestyle that incorporates healthier eating, exercise, and improved life balance. Follow me on my journey to accomplish my 99 day fitness challenge. I need all of the support, love and advice I can get! Let’s do it together! We will all share in this win!

With Love and Appreciation,

Monica “Magnificent” McGee