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 Just like anyone or anything that is out of practice, you have to step back up to the plate and naturally get “Back into the Swing of Things.” I am happy to share my stories of success and how over time I have surpassed my initial weight loss goals and am feeling better and more alive than what I could have ever dreamed. What is most interesting about my weight loss progress is it did not come in a day, a week, or a month. It even took more than 99 days to achieve, which was the initial length of time for the fitness challenge.

What I will share with you about the initial 99 days of my journey is it proved to me that I was ready for a change.  I would no longer do things off the cuff; I would make things happen by taking charge of my own fitness destiny, and would have a plan of action to see my goals through.

Another interesting thing that happened to me in those 99 days is I learned that it is truly was about the journey and the destination was just the driving force to get me started. There was not a day I stood in front of the mirror, gazing at my body in its naked state hoping to have this magical weight loss or shape change that happened sometime in between my midnight thoughts and dreams, but all I saw in the mirror most times was a woman who was determined to make it happen and no longer looked at the imperfections and marks on her body in shame, but in confidence that through disciplined acts and maintaining consistency that it would all be taken care of in due time.

What I will leave you with about my fitness journey, which remains true for me even to this day, is expect more than your body to be transformed. Embrace the mental, physical, and emotional changes that come along with weight loss, because weather you like it or not, they go hand and hand. Also note that if you chose not to elevate your mind and the way you think at some point, your fitness journey will only go but so far. As you start setting and reaching goals, you can’t help but be transformed and grow.

Know that weight loss is also a spiritual thing. You will begin to tap into parts of you, you were not even sure really existed until now. Most importantly, YOU HAVE TO LOVE YOU! The type of love I am talking about a man/woman can’t give to you, a preacher cant pray over you, your family and friends can’t shower you with… it is something that has to come from within. Self-love and motivation by far is the greatest worldly love of them all! You have to have it in order for the other types of love to fall into place.

So far, over the last nine months, I have come down 12.5 pants sizes, lost 35-40 lbs. of pure fat, increased my muscle content, cardio, and strength training resistance immensely; however, these stats are nothing compared to how I feel inside, as those numbers are off the charts!

I give full credit, honor, and praise to the #1 source of my strength and to whom all my blessings come from; that’s my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I have great friends, family members, online buddies and acquaintances that have cheered me on from the sideline, but when I was in spiritual, mental and financial warfare I know who has always been on the frontlines! Thank you so much for following me up to this point in my journey forward and onward. I hope you continue to roll on with me on this fantastic fitness ride with my new body, new swagger and new state of mind. Let us get “back into the swing of things” together!

With Love and a New Found Appreciation for Life,

Monica “Magnificent” McGee


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Monica Magnificent McGee shares her recap of her weight loss journey so far and encourages others who may be struggling or feeling like they want to quit to put some pep in there step and keep pushing! She states “Aint nuffin to it but to do it! You can do it too! …. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it!”


Maannnn, that old saying “No Pain No Gain” holds more truth in my life than ever before! The journey towards weight loss is not an easy one; however, it will definitely be one worth traveling! My Weigh in Wednesday Results are in! Check out this video to see how much I have loss in just 9 short days of starting my program! The time is ticking so I have to keep the weight dropping! 🙂 See you all in 89 more days as the new more fabulous me! Smootches xoxoxox!

So today was my very first “Weigh in Wednesday” and honestly I was shocked as the scale tipped much further to the right than I had expected. Now I know I had a ways to go with my weight loss goal but damn!! That was heartbreaking.

Honestly I can’t tell you what I expected the scale to say, but I will tell you this much… I did not expect it to come back with what the scale screamed at me! The scale stated loud and clear, “Put the chips down, pour the soda out, alleviate the fast food, increase your vegetables, reduce your carbs and simple sugars, workout daily, and drink more water FATTY!!!”

Wow, talk about some fit challenge! There will be no judges, no contestants, and no audience. It will be just me and the scale duking it out for a fight to the finish.

From this day I have to step up and hold myself accountable, not just to myself, but for everyone who supports me, the blog, and anyone who is facing the same weight loss challenges that I am having. I am pushing myself to apply what I have learned over the years about proper excise, a balanced diet, and a healthier lifestyle to help me achieve my goals.

I have to constantly remind myself that this journey I am embarking on is not going to be an easy one, but one that is surely worth it! I often sit back and day dream about what I am going to wear and where I am going to go in my new beach body as soon as the challenge is done. I try to imagine what I will look like and how many pant sizes I will drop. I realize that my hopes and daydreams will have to be the lifeline to my success with this weight loss challenge.

Hey, I may not like where I am at today, but hey… I have to start somewhere! Now watch me go!